Office bilding

Office building

An office building in a business area of Madrid. It is a continuous piece which creates two publics spaces in order to let the workers has a space to take a rest of their jobs, to let businessmen having some meeting in a good area or to invite people on the street to share a space between the company and the community.

The Project

Madrid is a city with a big economic growth in the last few decades. That is why we look for a solution of this new situation where a big number of new companies want buy or rent a new building on the Spanish capital.

We can see how new big companies pay each day more attention to break time of their employees. So, in order to provide them a good area where they can combine rest time and some space to have meetings, the project start with two big spaces that shown how the company is open to the public who surround the area or walk beside the building. Two squares which articulate and divide the space in order to let every office inside the building have natural lighting and natural ventilation.

In order to adaptate the building to new needs of sustainability, every facade have a different treatment depending on it orientation. Some elements are placing on the facades by calculating the sun inclination providing the correct lighting and temperature inside the building.

Final appearance is a game between this spaces oriented to the north, which let the sun go directly inside the office, and facades oriented to the south, west or east, which have different treatments depending on the side they are looking on.

Project Details

  • Offices building
  • Assignment
  • Madrid
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